English Garden


garden design

If you’re thinking about improving an area outside but not sure how to proceed, we have a well-established approach to handle every new challenge. In a visual presentation pack we’ll prepare our ideas on paper, combining artwork with layouts of plant and material combinations.


Garden transformations

It can be hard to imagine what goes into creating the outdoor spaces we create - so take a look at just a small selection of the visions we have brought to life.  Creating an exceptional outdoor space is sometimes challenging, sometimes difficult – but always something to be proud of when it’s done properly.


A modern garden with a restrained plant palette, combining Box bushes, light grey stone slabs and black gravel.

Hotel Domaine Cocagne

A boutique hotel in Cagnes sur Mer, restyled and renovated to elevate it to the level required by the new owners. We reconfigured the entrance, the landscaped areas as well as the pool for better aesthetics and usability.

Les Issambres

An exposed terrace is transformed into a welcoming place to sit thank to a large structure covered with reeds. Lounge seating has been designed to fill the spaces between the pre-existing concrete squares. The garden boasts naturalised planting used in a sophisticated way.

Belle Epoque in Cannes

Transformation of Roche Cline, the holiday home of the eponymous Estee Lauder in Cannes. Constructed in 1900, it has been entirely updated with our touch in the outdoor spaces to match - a contemporary classic.


Each year we transform a multitude of pool areas which are key to outdoor living. Suiting the pool colour to the ambience desired is crucial - and the tile colour is not always representative of the final colour of the water. The design must be elegant, but also fit the location.  Below is a sample of just a few of our creations.

Over twenty-five years English Garden has become a reference for the development of landscape projects. Spanning southern France and working further a field including abroad, we provide conception, planning and execution.  We’ve attracted a diverse and skilled team, capable of everything you need to see a vision to reality - from the production of exceptional hand-drawn graphics, artwork and technical construction drawings to the supervision of a project to completion. 

From lighting schemes to planting plans, from conception to execution: If you are looking to transform your outdoor living experience, call us or stop by.  We’d love to get to know you and see how we could help.